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Health Insurance: Do You Have the Right Benefits?

If you’re shopping around for a health insurance plan—or reevaluating the one you have—don’t overlook policy benefits. Without surgical care, medicine, hospitalization, disability benefits or a wide range of other medical services covered by health and medical insurance, getting and staying healthy can present quite a challenge.

If you’ve dealt with a major accident or illness, you already know how important it is to have the right health insurance benefits. If, on the other hand, you’re relatively healthy, you may not have a clue what you can or can’t live without.

That’s why we’re here: to help you make these important decisions now, before you’re faced with a crisis!

Getting in the Know

First, consider your medical history. Then ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I (or an immediate family member) require medication or have an ongoing medical condition? Am I likely to need certain types of treatment as a result?
  • If I were injured, disabled and forced to quit my job, could my family survive without my income until I could work again? Could I afford ongoing medical treatment without certain health plan benefits?
  • What if I (or a loved one) had an accident and needed hospitalization? Would I have the benefit coverage I need to take care of mounting hospital bills?
  • If I (or someone I loved) faced a major disease and needed surgery, would my health insurance plan cover the cost—or would I have to raid my savings or go into debt?

These are serious questions requiring serious answers. So as you’re comparing health insurance plans, mull them over and know ahead of time which of the following benefits you’re most likely to need.

1. Surgical benefits

Allow you reimbursement by your insurance company for the cost of operations, minus any co-pays. Pricier insurance policies usually carry more surgical benefits than cheaper ones.

2. Hospitalization benefits

Cover bills for daily room and board, nursing care, and diagnostic tools and treatments that tend to accompany a hospital stay, such as x-rays and medicine. With some plans, your health insurance provider pays up to a set limit; with others, it pays your entire bill. This is one of the most common benefits offered.

3. Basic health benefits

Cover doctors’ visits, some medications and tests, and general health expenses. Limits vary widely from one policy to another, so make sure you understand where each plan leaves off as you make comparisons. If you think you might need more coverage, go with a more inclusive plan.

4. Major health benefits

Pay a large portion of your hospital bills when involved in a major accident or suffering a serious illness. Though you’re still responsible for a small portion yourself, including deductibles and co-pays, it covers the majority of these expenses for you, which keeps them from becoming overwhelming. Once again, just make sure you know your plan’s limits before signing on the dotted line.

5. Comprehensive benefits

If you want a policy with everything mentioned so far, choose a comprehensive plan. But bear in mind you’ll still be responsible for co-pays and deductibles, no matter which plan you choose.

6. Income and disability benefits

Pays a percentage of your wages for a set period of time when you can’t work due to sickness or accident. Many factors affect benefit length and amount, but these terms should be spelled out in your policy. Talk to a licensed insurance agent for more details.

These are the most common benefits offered by insurance companies today; however, you can purchase many other benefits in addition, including:

  • Mental health coverage
  • Coverage for drug addiction, alcoholism and long-term disease
  • Family planning
  • Physical therapy
Making a Wise Choice

Now that you have all the facts, consider your medical history, take a good look at your needs, and choose the plan that offers the coverage you need at the lowest price.

You could save yourself a major headache—and financial distress—down the road!

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