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Guide to Auto Insurance Coverage: What You Need to Know

Before you hit the road, auto insurance is an absolute must! But with all the insurance companies vying for your attention and all the policies and coverage they offer, you may be left confused and wondering which way to turn.

Car insurance really isn't that complicated. The first step in shopping for the right policy is not to get overwhelmed. It just takes a bit of time and research to get the information you need and make an informed choice.

If you're feeling uncertain about what to look for or how to go about it, there's help available. Use these tips as your guide and you're likely to save yourself some time, money—and possibly a major headache!

1. You may not need full coverage.

*One tip we'll offer you right up front*: You may not need all the “extras” and “perks” that add both coverage and expense to your auto insurance policy. After all, nothing is a bargain if you don't need it in the first place!

Though you may be tempted to add all the “bells,” “whistles” and sirens some insurance policies contain, this kind of extra coverage may not be necessary. If your vehicle is old, used, and/or completely paid it off, it might make more sense to go with basic coverage. Keep in mind that the lower your car's value, the lower your insurance premiums should be.

Make sense?

2. Consider factors other than price. 
*Something you may not have thought of*: While shopping around and comparing deals might lower your rates, there are other factors you should consider besides just price. For instance, what kind of claims service can you expect? Who do your friends, family and neighbors trust with their insurance needs, and how do their insurers treat them when it's time to file a claim?

Look for an agent who will fight for your interests; be there when you call and be willing to answer your questions in a way you can understand. Customer service can be extremely important in a crisis situation, so make sure the agent is reliable and courteous as you go through the shopping process. This is a great indicator of how you'll be treated both now and in the future.

3. Higher deductibles may save you money. 
*One little-known fact*: most policies sporting lower deductibles cost more in the long run. If your budget allows, it's often better to go with a higher deductible, and set aside some emergency funds to cover that amount when you need to. That way, you'll pay less for car insurance, yet have what you need when you need it.

Secrets to Successful Savings

To get the policy you need at an affordable price, we recommend the following steps to complete your insurance shopping experience:

Evaluate customer service. Once you’ve narrowed down your selections, make sure you’ll be taken care of by the insurer you choose. Customer service ratings are available through insurance rating companies like AM Best or Moody’s Investor Services.

Check financial stability. Even the best policy is worthless if your insurer is in poor financial standing. Before signing on the dotted line, check your company’s financial stability through an insurance rating company like those mentioned above.

Make sure you're comfortable with your selection. Ultimately, you need to feel comfortable doing business with your insurer. Make sure you understand your policy and your agent's answers to your questions.

Find affordable auto insurance today!

Now that you know the secrets to money-saving auto insurance, it's time to take action!

So use our no-hassle referral service, compare multiple quotes, get the best policy for your budget and say bye-bye to expensive premiums. Affordable car insurance is on its way with the help of GIQ!


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