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Car and Home Insurance: Twice the Security, Twice the Savings

If you own a home and a car, homeowner's and auto insurance are necessary protections you should budget for and never live without. It's often not until you really need them that you find out just how valuable they are.

But why do you need home and car insurance anyway?

  1. To protect you from liability when others are harmed. If a friend or relative gets hurt while riding in your car, or a visitor gets injured when he slips and falls walking up your steps, your car or homeowner's insurance company will pick up the medical bills (up to the limits of your policies). This means you're protected; and so is everyone else who rides in your car or visits your home. 

  2. To protect you and your mortgage or loan company against financial loss in case of accident, injury or unforeseen circumstance. If someone pulls out in front of you during morning rush hour and you barrel into the back of his vehicle, your auto insurance company will use the premiums you've paid in to restore you and your vehicle, whether the damage is physical or mechanical. On the other hand, if a windstorm damages the roof on your home and you need to have it replaced, your home insurance company will use your premiums to fund that project—and you'll keep a roof over your family's head.
  1. To guard your belongings against damage or theft. Whether your car is totaled in that morning accident or your damaged roof leaks and ruins everything you own, car and house insurance will pay to repair or replace them…if you have enough coverage.
Saving Money: It's Easier Than You Think

As you've probably heard, buying auto and home insurance from the same insurer qualifies you for hefty discounts. Insurance companies like selling more than one type of policy at a time, so when you buy both they pass the savings on to you. That gets you cheaper quotes and big savings on your car and homeowner's insurance premiums!

Other ways to maximize savings when you're shopping for car and house insurance include:

  • Get educated. Use resources like GIQ, your state insurance department or your local library to find out which coverage you need now.
  • Protect your home from fire and water damage by upgrading your electrical and plumbing systems.
  • Guard your car and home against theft by installing security alarms and other protective measures.
  • Maintain good credit. With a superior credit score, your annual premiums will likely be lower.
  • Up your deductibles. Though most insurance companies recommend a $500-$1,000 deductible on car and house insurance, setting them higher could save you up to 50 percent or more.
  • Stick with your insurer as long as possible. Once you've established a good payment record and proven financial responsibility and stability, you could be eligible for a significant discount.
  • Comparison shop, getting several quotes before settling on the right plans. (By the way, using our site is the best way to do that!)
Prepare Now for Freedom Later

When you own both a home and a car, protection is twice as important. And the best way to free yourself, your lifestyle, your car and your home from danger or injury is by planning ahead with car and house insurance.

Start preparing now for a lifetime of freedom. With free car and home quotes and the right insurance coverage, there's no need to worry about the future—GIQ has you covered!


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